I can't save and no spaces in the text (Lunacy 9.1 Beta)

I can't save and no spaces in the text

i Use Lunacy Beta Edition

OS is Linux Mint 21



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  • AdrealAdreal Member Posts: 32

    Ok, I hope I'm explaining this correctly: so when I add text and then want to make a space, nothing happens, but I see my mouse pointer getting to hand (to the movement tool). So I think the problem is the shortcut for the movement tool (hand). When saving, I don't know why that doesn't work, but I can perhaps explain something more precisely: if I go to "Save" or "Save As", and then select the folder and the name for the file, and click on save, nothing happens.

    (Sorry for the bad English, I'm German.)

  • PaulusPaulus Administrator Posts: 41

    Hi! Could you please provide more details about the problem?

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