BUG: Text Editor bugs (Lunacy v9.1)

Lunacy version: 9.1.0

I downloaded the new version of Lunacy (V1.9 STABLE). But there are bugs that make Lunacy's text editor more difficult

Here my bugs:

I can't use spaces in the text editor: (When I press the spacebar, the tool changes. So I cant insert a space in the text editor)

(i made a video, but i cant embed a video)

With the text editor I can no longer change the font when I enter the name:

(i made a video, but i cant embed a video)

When I lower the letter spacing in the text editor, the text is truncated:

[Linux Mint 21.0 cinnamon]



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  • fililifefililife Posts: 2Administrator

    Hi, bug with spacebar it's known problem, we in process to fix it😊 About text spacing, i will test it and make an issue, thank u for letting us know!

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