individual borders, auto-layout and prototyping

I'm a figma user and I decided to take the test on Lunacy.

Lunacy is very organized (congratulations) but the functions leave a lot to be desired, for example:

We don't have the option of individual borders (we can only affect all the corners), the auto-layout option is sorely lacking for us designers and also the prototyping option is buggy because it doesn't reproduce correctly and also doesn't have many animations like figma has.

This prevents me from using Lunacy for now. hug!


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  • I'll give my opinion based on your answer:

    I know that adding new functions involves much more than just ideas, it involves UX/UI, it involves front-end and back-end developers...

    But wait 1 year to implement these features in Lunacy, with the competitor figma so advanced and now bought by Adobe, you will only be losing more users because I think these features must be thought about urgently or Lunacy will simply fail.

    See you in 1 year, hugs!!!

  • Hi!

    Individual borders are not yet planned, since it introduces some problems with non-rectangle shapes.

    Autolayout is currently under development.

    Prototyping animations won't be here for some time. We want to do that, but at least a year from now.

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