Offset tool

An offset tool would be very helpful.

I'd like to have lines that are offset by different distances. Or sometime I'd like to have slightly bigger or smaller version of a shape and keep the two shapes a certain distance from each other.

Examples: (1) repeating lines each offset from each other at different distances and (2) target bullseyes (for shapes).

The offset tool would be able to:

  1. select an existing line segment or even a whole shape
  2. ...using the previous selection as a reference...
  3. place another line segment (or shape) a certain distance from the original

Ideally, inputing the distance for this new offset line/shape could be done by:

  • keyboard: inputing a number (2px or -5pt) and then pressing <Enter>
  • mouse: or using the cursor to place the new line (or shape)



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