ctrl+space temporarily switch to zoom in and zoom out tool


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  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member


    I'm not sure that we need more Shortcuts for the Zoom tool.

    Could you describe the case that is asking to use fixed modes for the Zoom tool?

  • hjlhjl Posts: 3Member
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    Like in ps, ai, press space+ctrl to switch to the zoom tool, release the button and return to the previous tool

  • @Alex I believe what he's probably trying to say is that he just wants a faster way to zoom into a specific part of his document, without switching tools. Be it a zoom to box or drag to zoom type function.

    (I've posted a zoom to box proposal thread.)

  • Update - I failed to realize we can already hold Z and drag a box to zoom to box or Z+click to zoom in or Z+alt+click to zoom out.

    I don't see how this doesn't satisfy this proposal. Pretty sure it does.

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    It looks like so.

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