Zoom to Box

Lunacy could make navigating large documents a little easier with a zoom to box function.

As an Adobe XD user (who wishes he could ditch all Adobe software), I miss the ability to simply drag out a box and very quickly and easily zoom to that area with my selection centered in my viewport.

Here's a brief video to better illustrate my point: https://youtu.be/_RiBtQHFVXQ

In the video, you see an XD file of mine. I'm doing what I very often do in Adobe XD to get around - Zoom to Fit All, drag box over where I need to go, Zoom to 100%. One of my most repeated combinations of actions.

Currently to do this, in Lunacy, I hold CTRL and fling the SCROLLWHEEL to zoom way out, move cursor where I want to go then CTRL+SCROLLWHEEL to zoom in as much as I want (zooming is way smoother in Lunacy than it is in XD, GJ!). While I'm very glad I can do this to get around, I prefer the cleaner snappier method I use in Adobe XD.

About a dedicated Zoom Tool: I appreciate Lunacy's ui minimalism but if any sort of cursor-based zooming was added then it's probably wise to also just add a fully fledged Zoom Tool to the toolbar as well. Even if something like this zoom to box feature was added and it was accessed via CTRL+SPACE or while holding Z (like Photoshop's temporary tool switching mechanic). The users less obsessed with keyboard shortcuts or those with minimal keyboards would probably appreciate a dedicated Zoom Tool.


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