Features and code contribution

Hello, I hope you are doing well. Once again I would like to say thank you to the team for the great job in Lunacy. I am indebted to you and I would like to do much more than contribute ideas. I would also like to contribute to the code.


I just left three suggestions about functionality that could really make it easier for us to develop them. They are:

1. Automatically generate copies of a component on user request. See here.

2. Add an advanced painting mode. To paint the components using a paintbrush. See here.

3. Animation by interpolation of screens. See here.

Contribute to code

I could see that the code was not open source and I would like to contribute code on these features. Because, I tell myself that the team must be super busy with lots of other tasks. I am open to all discussions if ever the team is willing to let me help. I will do it for free because I really like the fact that Lunacy is free and I can work offline on Windows. I feel the need to contribute to this wonder. It will make me very happy to do it.

Please contact me or write if You need more details. I can help with more than words.


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