Automatically generate copies of a component on user request

Hello everyone I hope you all are doing Well. First I want to thanks Lunacy team about the very good job that they in Lunacy and Pichon. You are amazing You all.

I really want and need to contribute to help lunacy be better with both my ideas and my modest developper knowledges and skills.

I want to suggest a new functionnality.


Very often when we users are working on a prototype we are forced to do ctrl-c, ctrl-v to create copies of a component. Then, we move it (modify it) and we repeat these steps for as many copies as we want. It is a tiring operation. If a feature that allows the user to automatically create copies of a component while indicating the direction and spacing between copies is added to Lunacy, I believe that will be a big plus for us and for Lunacy as well.


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