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Can you please add an .epub export option ? Only Indesign have it...It's a must have to publish my work on internet...I've tried ALL the ways to convert pdf to epub and ALL failed : the result is totally wrong.... Thank you very , very much for make this software...I've edit my first comic with it and put a credit to you on this. My income is very, very limited...I've too looked for another free editing software. After hours I stumbled on " Scribus" but , as all others there's no option to export as epub...As I've said pages and softwares like "Calibre" are no use to convert flies with images from pdf to epub...

My Comic made with your amazing sofware




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    Hello friend, we won't be able to add support for exporting to Epub, as it's a quite specific format that requires dedicated support. Nevertheless, to achieve your goal of creating an Epub book, you can use specialized Epub makers. P.S. The comic is cool!

  • Thank you very much for the rapid response showing you are a great team ! You have made a outstanding work that all of you can mark as your part in a good change in the world. Even thinking softwares are just tools to make another things , you all can be proud forever for making a perfect tool that provides ways to do amazing things as fulfill a childhood dream of a guy of 47 yo by now.

    I'll mention your team when I publish my work on Instagram on Jan 1°. My account is @davi.jorge.art.

    I know that here isn't the proper place for comments like that , but I think that when most people stucks his face his everyday work sometimes forget what the real meaning of the things that they are making....

    I'll continue my pursuit of a way to convert my files, but I've already found my preferred design software !😉

    Thanks and thanks for the feedback on my first comic. It's as important as make and publish it. 

  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 92Administrator

    You're welcome! I was glad to help. If you have any more questions or need further assistance, feel free to ask. Good luck to you!

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