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  • Object Property Linking (think of the pick-whip tool in Adobe AE)

    Imagine a text box that takes up 400 pixels as it's width, and you need a line or a rectangle beneath it to act as an underline, this underline should take up the exact same width as the text,.. welcome Object Property Linking. A way for the user to link certain properties of an object - to the property of another object.

    This could also be a mathematical equation where you need a shape to always be 50% wider and taller than the object it is linked to

    in the background i recommend using an already popular language such as JavaScript, but for non-coders we could have a GUI that aids in the linking of properties by attaching "cables" from one point to another. kindly have a look at Adobe AE or SceneGroup Cavalry.

    I strongly believe this feature would catapult Lunacy way ahead of any other illustration app, I'm open to be contacted directly to give more insight on this feature or maybe some design suggestions.

    Dynamic Objects



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