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It would be nice if you could port this to the Linux ecosystem - a lot of people would benefit from Lunacy if it were ported there, as there's already a dedicated community using it over Wine.


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  • There is a very strong factor to consider. 💪

    Developers and freelancers in the development area of Apps and Websites, most if not most, use Linux because it is also used on servers.

    Microsoft itself has moved its efforts around Linux, improving and updating the WSL, and marketing its VPS and Linux servers on AZURE.

    Please consider this. Linux users are not the greatest mass of computer users, but they are highly qualified, most of them are from the niche I mentioned above and need a fast and intuitive Light Design and Prototyping tool like Lunacy.

    The Great Mass of Windows users is very much subdivided. I imagine that you must have already felt that you are just grabbing a small part of this mass. In Linux this proportion can be much better, with the right presence and marketing.

  • OMG! Mac Version receives less votes and got first on development? WHYYYYY!??

    MacOS Already has SKETCH!! Omg! OMg!

  • AdsonCIcilioti

    Don't panic.

    First of all, we should remember that Mac has only one GUI and one distribution kit. So, it is simpler to prepare Lunacy to use.

    Linux version will come with a small-time lag after the Mac version. The main reason is too many distribution kits and GUI's. We're planing that users with Debian/Ubuntu-based OS's with some of basic GUI's will be able to use Lunacy.

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