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I have been using lunacy for years and it is quite useful for all screen work like digital magazines, mobile friendly PDF files, etc. But sometimes I have to use tools like Illustrator or InDesign just because I need some features like text columns.

Well, I've actually done a lot of work with two columns for my text in Lunacy, but that's not so practical. So I would like to suggest Text Columns with options for ‘Number of Columns, Gutter and Padding’ as in the example below:

So, thanks in advance for your attention,

Jaris GV




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  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 91Administrator

    Hello! That's an interesting idea, we'll definitely consider it, thanks! You mentioned that you've been using Lunacy for a while; could you help us by participating in a brief interview? It would be very helpful for us and for the future development of Lunacy. https://ethn.io/77050

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