Raster Export Quality -- Current Export = POTATO

I would like to export jpg directly from Lunacy. However I can't do that because lunacy's raster exports are very low quality. A configuration option to modify this quality that is more detailed than 1-4x would enhance your product.

Currently I must export as PDF and use another app to convert PDF to JPG. It should be possible to do this directly.


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  • AdrealAdreal Posts: 83Member

    This is normal, a PNG/JPG file is not an SVG(Vector graphic) file, it is just an image. And in a PDF file a text is an element (so if you zoom in the quality is still good as it is a kind of SVG) so the text is not an image, its a text element. So the quality is better.

    So, a PNG/JPG file is not an SVG (Vector graphic) and not a PDF, you can't compare them, if you want better quality, then enlarge the image in Lunacy. (a PDF is more of an SVG (Vector graphic) file, but it's not the same either)

    If I see it correctly, you made the file larger in Gimp, the original file is 1200x628 and in Gimp the file is 5000x2616, then it's clear that it looks better. So just enlarge the file in Lunacy, then the result is the same (sometimes the programs have other upscaling techniques, maybe it will look a little different)

    (I don't know how to explain this better, I hope this is correct)

  • hjteiu4hjteiu4 Posts: 3Member

    My mistake, I did not realize I was exporting a higher res file. Thank you for explaining.

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    Hi. Thanks for the feedback!

    Please clarify what exactly is exported poorly: images, texts, vector paths or all at once? If possible, give us an example of a bad export.

    Also please write what OS and version of Lunacy are you using.

    You can try input number in export field to change the export multiplier to whatever you want.

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    Adreal is right. You get high quality because of high resolution. You can achieve similar result using method I described above

    or by enlarging image in Lunacy using the scaling tool, and then export it.

    As for adding an export quality slider, there are higher priority tasks for now. But if it gets a sufficient number of votes, then we will take up this task.

  • aa1qq1aa1qq1 Posts: 63Administrator

    No problem!

  • hjteiu4hjteiu4 Posts: 3Member
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    Hi, thank you for your time in addressing my concern.

    I'm using Artix Linux KDE Wayland with Lunacy 9.5

    The task I want to use Lunacy for is to create banners of multiple resolutions. So I make a canvas with a resolution, do my stuff to it, and export it.


    When I export it as JPG, it is very low quality. I need it exported as JPG of the highest quality but the specified resolution. Because then I will upload this file to a website and website will crunch and resize it. This is what JPG export looks like (pixelated and low quality):

    This is the PDF. Excellent quality:

    Now if I open this PDF in another app. I open it in GIMP. And I export it with proper export options:

    You see, there is a slider and numerical input to select a level of quality. And I can set the quality of the JPG with it. I would like this input in Lunacy. So I can forego exporting as PDF to export PDF to JPG in another program.

    Here we see the exported JPG having excellent quality:

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