Frames don't snap to grid layout

jjozsijjozsi Posts: 5Member

When I use a 12 column grid layout, elements such as shapes and text snap to column borders as expected. Frames, however do not seem to snap anywhere else than sides or middle of the canvas.

I'd like frames to snap the same way as shapes, that's how I expected them to work.


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  • aa1qq1aa1qq1 Posts: 63Administrator


    Hi. Frames must also snap to column borders. Perhaps your frames are rotated?

    Also please write what OS and version of Lunacy are you using?

  • jjozsijjozsi Posts: 5Member

    Sorry, I played around and can clarify what is not working.

    You are right, frames and rectangles both snap to the column grid. What doesn't snap is any element inside a frame (see image attached). That defeats the purpose of using a column grid if I want to use frames for website sections, for example and want to get the most out of the auto layout features.

    Guides apply to any element, in Sketch column layout does as well. I can see that in Figma and Lunacy column guides are only affecting the top level elements. I understand that design philosophy too but it means I have to redefine the same column layout many times.

    Figma has layout styles for this but Lunacy doesn't so that's a lot of extra unnecessary manual work.

    I'm on macOS Sonoma 14.4 and running Lunacy

  • aa1qq1aa1qq1 Posts: 63Administrator

    @jjozsi Yes, in Lunacy grid layout are only affecting top level inner layers. There are no plans to improve the grid yet, because there are higher priority tasks. But if this improvement gets a sufficient number of votes, then we will take up this task.

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