Undock a toolbar HOW TO in Adobe Illustrator

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Add the ability: Undock a toolbar HOW TO in Adobe Illustrator


It takes a long time to open under the tools menu

I want to be able to undock drawing tools like in Adobe Illustrator

It’s very inconvenient to go to the toolbar and select the one I need

(I want it like in Adobe Illustrator - everything can be done there in plain sight (and without having to go to the selection menu every time)

Additional example

I want to undock the drawing panel (or toolbar)

It’s very inconvenient to open the toolbar to draw a star (in Lunacy you need to hover the cursor and then a menu will open with a choice / it takes a VERY LONG time to open and select the tool I need each time)

I want to immediately tear off the panel like in Adobe Illustrator

Thank you for your attention


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