Option to display grid layout as lines instead of fills

I switched to Lunacy from Sketch and mostly work on website designs.

I use a 12 column layout that is easy to setup in Lunacy. Using fills - even with low opacity - is very distracting as it is like a constant overlay over everything. I'd love to be able to display the columns / rows as borders instead, just like in Sketch. I can still use the snap functionality but can see much more of the design itself.


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  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 92Administrator

    Hello! Try using 'Shift+G' for quickly toggling the grid visibility. It seems that the lines might still be distracting and spoil the design impression during viewing, so it would be better to learn to quickly turn them on and off. 😀

  • I can turn them on and off, I just find the fill distracting. This is a setting in Sketch, you can choose to use fill or outline. The outline opacity can be changed too making it really subtle.

    By the way the shortcut is Ctrl+G on Mac, but neither that or with Shift actually work. Shift+G flips the selection horizontally instead.

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