Individual borders Dont Work ( Beta)

Individual borders Dont Work in Lunacy Beta

(i use Linux mint)



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  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 91Administrator

    Getting beta updates inside Lunacy allows us to release them quickly and without delays. When using the beta version, you should understand that some features may have issues. We strive to promptly fix any emerging bugs, but it's quite challenging with Linux versions due to the wide variety of hardware and distributions. All I can advise you at the moment is to wait for updates and not get too frustrated.🙂

  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 91Administrator

    Hello! Please reinstall your current version of Lunacy. You may need to restart your PC. The issue is that version 9999 accidentally made it into the beta release, and since its version number is too high, it's blocking the installation of subsequent updates.

    After reinstalling, check the 'Check for beta updates' option in Help -> About and let us know if the independent borders is working.

    By the way, you can press F1 for quick access to the About menu.🙂

  • Doesn't work. Why can't you just download it from the website as a .deb? Why do you have to update it in Lunacy, which doesn't even work properly?

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