Flying panels WTF??

Lunacy, what the hell have you done? Them panels be flying in the air now, and it's freaking. Put everything back the way it was, please!


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  • I agree, the floating panels are rather weird. I'm not 100% opposed to them, as the slight gaps between, combined with semi-transparency, gives the illusion that I can see more of my canvas, which is always appreciated. But they do tend to disappear on complex canvases as they have no border. Good GUI design would give each floater a 1px border in the opposite colour.

    Best design would probably be a sidebar as before, but dockable, the way 99.9% of other design software does it.

  • AdrealAdreal Posts: 56Member

    Hello, I think the new design is really cool, but I can understand it. so lunacy please add an option where you can select the theme to the old or new theme

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