Improved Granularity in regards to UI Elements

It would be nice to have more granularity in terms of what we see and don't see. For example, I am never going to use the `Upscale Image` feature, and yet every time I click on an image in my canvas, that little green button appears. I should be able to disable that as it can be quite distracting when you're working with your own colors and this bright, green button keeps popping up (especially since I do not have a subscription, and can't use the feature anyway).

Another example would be the tools menu (Move, Frame, Create Rectangle, etc). It would be nice to be able to drag that elsewhere, or change it's orientation to horizontal instead of vertical. In my head, I could see if you hover the mouse near the top-right corner of that tool strip, a small + with arrows on the ends to indicate you can click and hold on it, and drag the tool strip where ever you want.

I know these seem trivial, and perhaps I'm alone in my feelings, however; most applications in this market do not offer much in the way of granularity when dealing with the UI, short of hiding a sidebar here, dragging a window there, etc. I'm also aware that as it stands, the application is perfectly functional in it's current state and nothing about my requests warrants any sort of urgency. So, it is with that knowledge in mind that I humbly share my request, and hope that at some point, it's considered. Thank you for your time.

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