Lunacy uses internet connection even in 'offline' mode

The application starts and maintains connection to the internet at all time while sending and receiving some data periodically during local use (no cloud documents or online content).

I would like to disable the online functionality for the cases where I want to work completely offline. There are also no network or proxy settings available whatsoever, which is a bad practice for modern applications that use internet connection.

The documentation states:

Upon start, Lunacy automatically picks the server with the best latency.


Do I need an internet connection to use Lunacy?

Not always. You can work on local .sketch documents on your computer without an internet connection.

However, you’ll need to be online to access your cloud documents or work with the content in our built-in Libraries.

The issue is that even when working in "offline" mode (local documents), Lunacy exchanges multiple kilobytes per minute with the selected cloud server for the region, and additionally talks to multiple IP addresses (,,, etc.) of Google LLC (AS15169):

If the outbound connections are blocked by a firewall, it still attempts to initiate connections without HTTPS on port 80 every second indefinitely:

This is strange and undesirable behavior that needs to be addressed, and preferably with network or system settings offered to allow changing automatic updates and proxy settings.

System information

  • Windows 10 x64
  • Lunacy 9.0.4


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  • I would like to second this proposal. I firewall everything in my network environment, and have previously run into issues with Lunacy wiping icon caches (without my permission) when it downloads automatic updates (without my permission and against my wishes):

  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 89Administrator
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    Hi! This is an internet connection test. It turned out that the only normal way to check if there is Internet is to try to go to (Google's static server). We also sometimes send program launch, export, and paid feature offering events to Google Analytics.

    Additionally, we will soon provide a bunker mode (the ability to turn off cloud features) and a dedicated cloud service for enterprise users. 😀

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    Some HOSTS entries (will vary by region):

    # Block Icons8 Lunacy online and autoupdates

    # Lunacy photos, API

    # Lunacy clip-art, API

    # Lunacy icons, provides raw SVGs

  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 89Administrator

    Hello guys, we have added a privacy settings feature. Now you can customize the access settings to cloud functions. You can find it under Help -> Privacy. (Available in Beta 9.2.)

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