Connect with proxy.

Lunacy cannot load online icons correctly in China mainland. I want use proxy to improve it but don't know how.


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    The icon caches are downloaded dynamically as you use them. This feature is very unreliable, depending on an unfiltered internet connection to Lunacy's servers. Icon caches are also invalidated/wiped with every update: I have suggested that they offer offline installers/downloads for the icon caches, but this issue has been ignored, possibly because Icons8's business model is selling icon sets via subscription.

    If you want reliable, offline icons, I recommend you download your own icon packs separate to Lunacy.

  • You're right - we use an online library of icons, illustrations and photos, this is to ensure that the build does not weigh several gigabytes, and to update all Icons8 content as it is added to the server.

  • Hi, is this still relevant? Perhaps there was some kind of small glitch in the server

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