More UI Customization

I feel like on a laptop (Asus G15 and M1 MacBook Pro 16"), Lunacy's UI takes up a ton of space. The left bar that contains Layers, Components, etc is massive, and should have the ability to auto-hide, or shrink the icons. There is no reason for it to take up 70 pixels when it's collapsed. Also, we should be able to hide/show the 'Share' button as some of us will almost never use it, so it's just taking up space. A horizontal version of the 'Toolbar' would be great. It could fit where the 'Play' and 'Zoom' buttons are in the titlebar, which would save vertical space and also get it out of the way.

Those are really my only gripes. I feel like they're simple changes which would be pretty big wins in terms of a cleaner UI, and giving people more choice as to what's most important to them when designing. Anyway, thanks for the great app!


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