Allow adjusting vector paths directly

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Looking at the docs for vector editing, it seems you cannot move vector paths directly by clicking and dragging them, but instead have to use each point's handles to adjust paths. Imo, this slows the drawing process as it's tedious and time consuming if the illustration is complicated and is a fundamental operation for handling vector shapes.

Could the vector handling in Lunacy be updated to include moving/dragging the vector paths directly by clicking and dragging "anywhere" on them? See the attached gif for how it is in Corel Vector (previously Gravit Designer) which, again imo, feels very intuitive and works very well.

You can also see the animation here:


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  • This would be very nice to have as, as far as I've seen, is a presumed feature in any vector editing software.

    Especially frustrating in its absence is being able to delete an individual handle. I spent like thirty minutes searching the internet and the docs to see how to delete a handle but it appears not to be a feature. Alt+click on a handle should remove it, or whatever key combo makes most sense. This is extremely helpful when creating shapes and objects. At the moment, you have to just shift click to make the unneeded handle align with a neighboring vertical or horizontal fragment.

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