Integration of OpenDesign to enable multi-format imports

I was wondering if integration of OpenDesign would be possible so that Lunacy would also be able to import PSD files?

While I personally think Lunacy (or Sketch) is a superior format, unfortunately as a sole trader developer I'm at the mercy of what the designers I work with send me. :( Though I do keep trying to tell them to just use Lunacy already! :_)



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  • PS, I know Lunacy is focused just on supporting Sketch which I agree with -- I think that makes a lot of sense. The only reason I suggested the above is it seemed like it would mostly just be utilising existing resources, so it wouldn't really be taking too much time away. I think the only functionality from OpenDesign that is really necessary is the ability to convert PSD and XD to Sketch format. That way users could know it's a conversion and may not be 100% exactly the same, but it would give us a chance to work with these legacy formats...

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    Sorry, but we probably won't. The PSD format is deprecated for user interface design.😔

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