It's so obvious but...

before all, I would like to say that my intention is not contempt, but there are so many basic features that aren't working that I wonder "why the hell hasn't this critical flaw been fixed yet?"

please, as a UX/UI it hurts to use a tool that doesn't even seem to understand its purpose. Urgently organize these topics:

  • in the "help" menu, change the name "community" to "report a problem", because those who go to the "community" are not interested in chatting, and those who are like "report a problem" to "comments" because fact is what he is.
  • bring together the best features of figma, adobe XD and Sketch, but prioritize implementing something functional over something broken.
  • sort the "community" by priority based on likes on the topic, and resolve issues based on your priorities. If you don't use continuous improvement this app won't last long because no one can stand to use a broken tool.

there's a big window open for you after Adobe XD became paid and Figma was bought by Adobe, it would be a shame to miss out on mismanagement...

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