HiDPI monitor support

I'm using HiDPI (4K) monitor and Lunacy doesn't follow my desktpo (KDE Plasma) settings, showing menus and icons difficult to see, ignoring accesibility for user with difficulties to read.

Please, fix it. I can't try Lunacy this way!!!

Thank you


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  • Hi,

    Please share your screenshot with launched Lunacy to email or reply to this message here.

  • Here you can compare aspect of Lunacy against Inkscape and GIMP. Not only icons are small, but all text (menubar, properties, etc) are not scaling according user desktop preferences (Plasma in my case)

  • Hi!

    We will introduce manual scaling which you will be able to set yourself, we expect it to be released in Lunacy 9.0 or sooner.

  • Any way that let user to change font/icons size is appreciated. I wish in future it could adapt automatically to user desktop preferences.

    Thank you

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