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Similar implementations:

First, it would be great to be able to customize shortcuts.

Most importantly, the shortcut to open the shortcuts panel is fn+shift+f1. It’s very difficult to use (especially on a mac with the touchbar!), and I would love to see it switch to the common command+/ shortcut. Customizing shortcuts would allow me to set my most common shortcuts to faster keys, or match shortcuts I memorized from Figma/Sketch/Adobe.

Second, it would be great to have usability improvements with the shortcut panel.

After selecting the shortcuts panel, the search bar should be automatically focused so I can just begin typing to find the shortcut.

As I type to narrow the shortcut options, the first option should be automatically selected and I should be able to use arrow keys to move up and down the options. When the option I want is selected, I should be able to hit enter to run it.


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  • @nik_m thank you! I’m looking forward to it.

    One other preference I’d like to see is the nudge amount—being able to change from the default 10px to 8px would be fantastic. Also a customizable super nudge, say 50px or 48px, would be nice to have.

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    Thx for great description! We are planning to improve work with shortcuts in near future.

  • @jlarmst This function will be added in near future. For now, it is In Progress. Also, we improved the normal experience a little bit.

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