Keyboard use for shape sizes

I would like the option to use the keyboard directly to set the sizes for shapes (or even lines).

The current behavior needed to create a shape with previously determined measurements:

  • mouse only: use the cursor to drag the shape back-and-forth until you get the correct desired size.
  • mouse + keyboard: use the cursor to make any size shape. release mouse. navigate to inspector. click or drag to change tiny numbers that are far from shape that is being manipulated.

While both are okay methods, it would be nice to make the mouse + keyboard method even quicker.

Proposed mouse + keyboard method:

  • use the cursor to make any size shape or line. keep holding down mouse button. type a measurement. <enter>
  • (examples for typing a measurement: for a 50px by 45 px rectangle50x45, or maybe another format: 50 <enter> 45, for a 30px circle: 30 or r15, for a 42px line: 42)



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