Add file extension to layer name for dropped in files

Like this:

This way when I pass my Lunacy file to mr. code guy it's more clear which asset in the repo he should use for that element.

The filename as the layer name is great but having the file extension there too would help.


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  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member


    Could you explain the common case of use? It looks like an over functionality.

    1. You have an opportunity to export an image to any supported type, like jpg/png/bmp/gif and etc.
    2. The Code panel could give some useful information about the layers.
    3. We're working on Addressable content feature. It'll come soon.

    Isn't it enough?

  • Hey there.

    The idea is just for there to be a clearer connection, in the sketch file, to an external file so it's obvious where to find the asset when writing CSS and creating the page.

    I tend to create all assets in Illustrator or Photoshop for use on the web, but I'll drop them into the sketch file while building the mockup.

    A file format extension in a layer name would tell the web coder using the sketch file that that particular element is an instance of an external file so he should go grab and use for that part of the page.

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member


    It's working for images, but not for shapes with an Image fill.

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