Lorem Ipsum filler text

The generate text feature is clever and useful. But why does it lack Latin filler text?

Has lorem ipsum filler text fallen out of style? The reason I use Latin filler in web layout mockups is the same reason the printing industry started doing this way back then - you can't read it. It's just text. It simply fleshes out layouts with correctly styled placeholder text you don't have to think about.

In my opinion - filler text that we can read is distracting because eyes are naturally drawn to it in order to read it. Readable text may detract from a mockup's presentation because the statements can be awkward or silly, in context.

Random Latin might be a little odd too, but at least I can't read it. My eyes pass over it, unable to discern any meaning whatsoever and I just get an impression of how the layout looks fully loaded with text.

Suggestion: add Latin filler to the Generate Text feature - when you click the little dropdown arrow next to the Generate Text icon in the Inspector, there's the "Text" category, containing Theme, Header, and Paragraph. What if Latin versions were added here? A little divider line could be added under "Paragraph" and under that in their own little Latin section: "Latin Theme", "Latin Header", and "Latin Paragraph".


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