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Please add the shape builder tool feature, this feature is the same as adobe illustrator. with functions to add or subtract shapes.

this tool will be very useful for us icon designers



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  • @Alex

    Fair question.

    Just trying to help and clarify - As you probably already know, all that Illustrator's shape builder tool essentially does is make boolean operations faster and more convenient.

    I don't think a shape builder tool in Lunacy would necessarily provide non-existent capabilities, BUT it could greatly improve vector shape construction tasks right inside the program, making users less reliant on their primary vector program. A big deal because copying paths from Illustrator directly into Lunacy doesn't work (pasted object is rasterized).

    From my own experience, I still remember what a big improvement it was to my Illustrator workflow once the shape builder tool was added. It made a very tangible difference.

  • They aren't actually. A shape builder tool and/or a knife tool would allow me to produce shapes in two seconds that will need significantly more work using masks and Boolean operations. Do that few dozen times a day and then if becomes a very important time saver to have.

    In fact my lookout for an alternative to illustrator knife and shape builder in a free vector app is what lead me to discover Lunacy :) ...

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    Thank you for the extra data about this feature.

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    Are masks and boolean operations are not enough for your case?

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