App crash after renaming component, Mac v8.5.2

I'm not sure if anyone is reading these, but just in case...

  1. On the Layers tab, select a component
  2. On the Inspector panel, context-click on the name of the component and choose 'rename component'
  3. Make a change to the name, but don't hit [return], leave the cursor active
  4. Left-click in empty space in the main panel
  5. Crash


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  • Hello!

    I cant cach a repro of this issue on my Mac M1. I'll ask my teammates to check this issue on Mac with Intel.

    But, I see another bug about the exit from the name editing mode on click by the empty space of the Components tab.

  • Hi @Alex, I would have attached a screen-capture vid but your attachment upload limit is too low, happy to do so if you can provide me a way to do it.

  • Hi @domverity !

    Could you upload it to any public cloud service like Google/Microsoft and share the link?

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    You meant the Workspace talking about the Main panel. We got the repro for your issue as we found this.

    We'll fix this issue closest releases.

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