Image editing panel as in Figma

This feature is so handy that I can't go from Figma to Lunacy without it


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  • @dezigner


    It seems very close, isn't it?

  • @dezigner

    You're using Shape with an Image fill. It's a bit different to simple Image.

    You could use Shape to mask an Image. It'll give the same effect as Shape with Image fill, but all parts will be editable, not the shape only.

  • Nice to hear that one of your problem was gone. 

    Let's wait for the community reaction about the possible improvement of Image settings.

  • Understood. Thank you. Yes, it's working now.

    That's the way the Convertify plugin for Fimga came up with.

    Still, Figma has more functions with this panel. And there are features there that are really regular to use.

    I am engaged in three-dimensional graphics and know how difficult it is to display multiple renderings of a product on one layout from different angles - the brightness of images "floats", the depth of shadows varies slightly. It is very important and extremely convenient to have correction of shadow depth and glare.

    Figma also has correction of colour shades, which is also very important and convenient. Depending on the background which the product image is displayed on, you may need some adjustment of shades. For example, black products on dark backgrounds of layouts require light toning with blue.

     I'm asking for a repeat of the Figma-like configuration functionality, if it's possible. That would bring the imported images into perfect fusion with the layout. By performing such operations outside the layout it is possible to achieve such a fusion, but it would be time consuming. 

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