The ability to link textfields

In my current project, there are a few places where the text has to be identical, but styled differently. Having an option to somehow link those textbox so that editing the contents of one changes all others would be super useful.

That, or some sort of text variables. Say, I can define variable greet as "hello", and now everywhere I write $greet$ is substituted by "hello".



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  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    Hi, @Angius !

    Lunacy contains the list of working keys/snippets for the text generation.

    You could share the list of extra keys you're interested in, and we'll add them on the next redisign of this issue, if it'll be actual.

    Or you could wait for the next version of plugins issue. That will allow you to design your own script for making changes.

  • Yeah, I know of those, but they cannot be customized, and my use cases are specific enough to not warrant asking for them to be added to the list of existing ones.

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    Ok. Let's take a look about voting for this feature.

  • evanwolfevanwolf Posts: 2Unconfirmed, Member

    So, text variables for boilerplate? Like a company name, copyright text, etc.

    Bonus points: shared/inherited across files, shared within an organization/team.

  • Here's what I'd, ideally, like to achieve: two elements mirroring eachothers' content

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