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  • Artboards Should Work like Frames in Figma

    I have been a long time Figma user and was used to using frames for a lot of things ranging from creating artboards to buttons, to cards. I love how you can create a frame inside another frame, you can essentially manipulate a frame like you would a rectangle by applying fills and strokes and effects etc... And of course, there's the auto-layout feature with interactive components.

    While I don't expect features like auto layouts or interactive components to be available as of yet, I was kinda expecting artboards in Lunacy to work like frames. I was disappointed it didn't. I do love the way this software works and I was hoping it would be my new design tool. But there are certain things it has to be able to do before I can confidently make the full switch from Figma to Lunacy. Coupled with the already existing components, component states, there can also be animation features like we have in standard design tools nowadays (though this is not a deal-breaker for me, I would be on the lookout for when these auto animate features do become available).


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    • Hi!

      We are planing to add auto-layout and colour variables future releases. We're also planing to add import tools for .xd and .fig document types to improve user's migration experience.

      Component states are already available in Lunacy.

      We are not planing any changes about the artboard behavior. There are several reasons for it:

      - First of all we're limited with .sketch document type support. This document type provides structure like "document > page(s) > artboard(s) / object(s) > object(s)". So, no artboard in artboard is possible.

      - Existing behavior is actual for most of UI/UX design tools. I can't be absolutely sure, but Figma seams the one app that allows "putting the page inside the page".

      - There are many features that Lunacy community is waiting for. For example auto-layout. So, we gess that it'll be better to deliver these features than spend hundreds or may be thousands of hours to change artboards logic.

    • Ok, I understand. But can I suggest being able to manipulate groups then? It would work exactly the same way, difference being we can add fills to groups as they are treated as "frames".

      I am stressing on this because it's actually a better use of groups. It's cuts down the time to create buttons or cards, by removing the need for adding a background rectangle first, before adding other elements inside, and when you do bring in auto layouts, it works a lot better with them. Eg. When you create a button with auto layout, you simply put in the button text, then ctrl+G to create a group and apply auto layout at once (or just apply auto layout without group. From there you can add the paddings as necessary. Bottom line is, if Lunacy can't support artboards in artboards, then I suggest allowing groups to be modifiable.

      Also as auto layout is in the works, may I suggest also considering grids? In Figma auto layout only considers rows and columns I.e. flex direction row and column. It'd be interesting to see grids added to auto layout. (Though we can achieve some grid like structure with groups in figma. But it isn't as intuitive or smooth as using auto layouts.

      Good job


    • I think that it'll be better to ask for Lunacy community opinion about such behaviour for groups.It'll be very nice if you publish it as New proposal.

      Btw, there is a simple way to create a button in Lunacy:

      1. add a shape or a vector path you need 

      2. press T or activate a text tool

      3. type a text or use the text generation feature.

      Lunacy will automatically group your shape and the text.

      You could find something useful in the duplication feature. It's allow to set copy placing direction and a gap between copies.

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