Regression: Can't scroll in component select list when 2 levels deep

I just updated from Lunacy 7 to 8, and I can no longer switch components from long 2-tiered lists (most of my components) because the list no longer scrolls.

Using Windows 10; Lunacy 8.0.4

Steps to repeat:

  1. Select an existing component (in my case, an icon)
  2. Using the right sidebar menu, under Compoent: click the component select
  3. Scroll to a category of components, hover mouse over it and another list of items appears
  4. This second list of items may or may not be cut off from the bottom of the screen. If it is, there's no way to scroll or select items that are outside of what's visible. It used to in versions 7 and previous.

Not sure how to attach a screenshot, but happy to do so.



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