Add possiblity to copy-paste and link some properties between component(linear-gradient, font, blur)

Very often we design component with the same style and in the end the rendering is not good for us or is not satisfied. We start editing one component and it look fine for us. And when you want to do the samething with another component the big deal start. Image when the component have multiple color layer with advanced gradient and so on. We have to start reproducing the samething on others components. We can select them but it take much time to reproduce.

Very often in the end of the work we want to change some color to another on all the project. For example white to yellow to se if the rendering is better. We have to edit component by component to do it. I think if Luncay have the way to link the style of components and give us the color palette of each Group and of the Artbord it can be helpfull for designer.


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