Add a new way to test a prototype within the application

The play button should open a new tab within the app to play the prototype instead of opening the browser. This will limit the app resources as well.


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    We tried this way already. It was not as good as well as needed. 

    We added a Chromium core to make the prototyping preview work the same as in the browser. 

    That enlarged the application package up to 300+mb. So, every user had to upload this "bonus" every time.

    The second point was about the stability and compatibility in different OS's. It was rather poor. 

    So, we decide to use the default system browser and leave these issues away.

  • You will have to let the user choose how to test their prototypes. By default it should open in the browser but a user will have to choose if it opens in another tab. And deactivate this possibility on the OS which does not support it.

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    I think our team is not enough to fight with Chromium core bugs too. Not all BIG guys getting success on this field ;)

    We'll add some interactions to the prototyping preview page in future releases. 

    P.S.: You could use Microsoft Powertoys for Win 10 or Multitasking Screen splitting at Win 11 to make using prototyping preview much more comfortable.

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