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  • Is there a compatible Lightning Design System Plugin for Lunacy?

    ajaykumaranajaykumaran Posts: 1Member
    edited October 2021 in Plugins Vote Up0Vote Down

    I came across this plugin Lightning Design System Plugin for Sketch! And tried importing it to Lunacy, but that did not work. Here is the link to the plugin for Sketch, Has anyone came across a compatible version of that plugin for Lunacy? I am not planning to purchase a Mac for just prototyping using Sketch and so it would be very helpful if the Luncay, the so called Sketch for Windows can import this plugin and help me to create Salesforce Lightning exports for the designs that I create in Lunacy.


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    • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member



      This plugin is the JS one, but it uses specific Mac OS features that are not available in Windows. It'll be working great if the developer will update it to be less OS-dependent.

      Btw, you could download *.sketch documents here and import them to Lunacy as UI kits. It'll be less comfortable to update it from time to time, but this way is generally working.

      P.S. I recommend you spend some time and create your own SF UI kit from the number of kits that are shared by the link. It's rather boring but it'll give you the best result and the possibility to update it any time you need with the new components from SF or your own ones. You could know more about "how it works" in this small video:

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