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What the Lunacy lacks to become a page layout program

1. There is a need for a figure to be visible on two adjacent Artboards.

2. There is a need to export all Artboard on the page to single PDF file.

Then it will be possible to use Lunacy as an application for the layout of advertising and presentation materials.


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  • Hello!

    I think that you can use Components for this case.

    Your use case will be something like this:

    • Create a layout you need to reuse several times
    • Select it
    • Click to the Create a component button
    • Specify the name
    • Open the Component tab
    • Drag & Drop your component as many times as you need.

    You can modify the Main component to make changes in all its copies.

    You could find this video useful in your case:

  • Tolnik

    There is no special export option to export all artboards from one page to PDF, but you could temporarily split the pages into a document(one page per one document) and use the Project export feature.

    To export all artboards of a document to one PDF (one artboard per one page) use these steps:

    1. Click outside an artboard to drop any selection
    2. Find Export Project caption in the right panel
    3. Click +
    4. Select PDF at the file type dropdown
    5. Click the Export Project button
    6. Select a folder to save

  • Thanks for the answer. I know about the components. But it would be more convenient for me to repeat use case as in Adobe Illustrator. And what about point 2? Each Artboard - to a separate page in a single PDF would be great.

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