Set fill color on icons are not visible on prototypes


Some icons that come from images and which fill colors are set, don't show that change on the prototype.

For instance, I use the "up arrow" icon, which is white, and set the fill to black. When I use the prototype, I only see the original color, white and not the black fill.

If I'm doing osmething wrong, any advice would be appreciated



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    Could you specify some moments about your case? Are talking about the Tint or about the Fill for the vector path /group of shapes inside the icon? Is this actual for any icons or some special?

  • Hi Alex,

    I'm sorry, my Lunacy is in Spanish and maybe it's not properly translated.

    It only happens with the image icons. The first property says "fill", where you can change the color and attributes such as Normal, darken, multiply, etc. I'm attaching some examples.

    The icon is originally white, but I changed the "fill" to black, and on another atrboard it's set to orange. The prototype shows the original white.

    The icons that are shapes shows the fill correctly. For instance, the Play Button icon is a shape and correctly filled.

  • Hi, axltrauts!

    Thank you for the extra data about your case.

    It's a known issue. We'll fix it in one of the future releases.

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