Windows 11 UI Kit

Please make a Windows 11 UI kit since Windows 10 is no longer the latest version of WIndows.



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  • EN : Feature Proposal for Lunacy.

    Windows 11 has arrived, so I take this opportunity to offer you some


    · An update of the Interface Kit to add that of Windows 11 without necessarily abandoning that of Windows 10.

    · Better organization of Interface Kits (all classified in the same way, Template, button ...)

    · A possibility to easily modify all the text elements even in Compose.

    · The ability to delete any component or group.

    · And above all: include a scratch-type development tool included in lunacy which offers an animation tool for developing UX in the same tool as the UI.

  • Application


    Windows 11 UI Toolkit is not available at .sketch file type. We'll add it as the official version will come. 

    Or you could manually convert this UI Toolkit from Figma to .sketch and we'll add it to Lunacy with the mark that it's your help to the Lunacy project. 

    You could collect all elements you need to local file and add it as our own UI kit like here:

    You could also find this video and this article useful. 

  • Hello

    And for the scratch like development tool or at least modeling as on Adobe XD. 

    and it is possible to do so?

  • Hello!

    There is a plan to add a feature like this, but it'll be not the closest time.

    We need to add several huge and more waited features before it.

  • Proposition de Fonctionnalité pour Lunacy.

    Windows 11 est arrivé, j’en profite donc pour vous proposer des


    · Une mise a jour des Kit d’interface pour rajouter celui de Windows 11 sans forcement abandonner ce de Windows 10.

    · Une meilleur organisation des Kit d’interface ( classé tous de la même façon, Template, bouton...)

    ·        Une possibilité de modifier facilement tout les élément de texte même se dans des Composent.

    ·        La possibilité de supprimer tout les composant ou groupe.

    · et surtout : inclure un outil de développement de type scratch inclut a lunacy qui propose un outil d’animation pour développer l’UX dans le même outil que l’UI.

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