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  • need script help: setting all hotspot targets to None (for all selected, and any nested layers)

    I'm working on a script to set all hotspot targets to None.

    I've got it working for normal layers and any nested layers in Groups or Artboards. It is simply a recursive function that bottoms-out at Hotspots, then sets their flow target to 'none'.

    I'm having trouble getting it to work with SymbolInstance . As far as i can tell, i've got to somehow get the available overrides, then somehow set an override with flow `targetId = "none"`. And also do this at all nested levels, which means somehow navigating all the nested instance?? As you can tell, i'm lost at this point, and the Sketch API docs aren't very helpful at this point.

    Anybody got advice, or tips, or even a pre-made script!!!




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