App freezes for a good 5 seconds

Every now and then the app just seizes for a couple of seconds, I cannot zoom, I cannot select anything, I just have to wait

This happens different times, either after I zoom in all the way to an icon, or when I press enter to enter editing mode.

I'll try and take better note next time it happens but it has put me off until the next release. It's a great app


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  • cholasimmons


    Thank you for the report.

    Could you specify some moments about your case?

    1. Is this issue actual for Lunacy 7.1?
    2. What is your Windows version and build?
    3. Are you using SSD or HDD for OS and Lunacy?
    4. Could you check what is going on in the system Task manager at the laggy moment? CPU, RAM, and GPU utilisation by Lunacy process.
    5. Does this issue has a dependency on the file size or the number of objects on the page?

  • managed to fire up Task Manager, CPU is shooting to 94% then the entire system freezes for a while, Graphics get garbled then Lunacy exits.

    I understand I've imported quite a few images but the fact that they are hidden should allow me to work seamlessly until i enable one of them, no?

  • cholasimmons

    Your case looking rather strange. We need a bit more information about it.

    Could you share the file from %localappdata%\Icons8\Lunacy\Logs with the last creation date and time after the app will crash?

  • cholasimmons


    I'm back with some ideas about your case.

    The possible reason is the huge number of objects/images on one page. Could you try to split them between pages if it's your case?

    The second possible reason is many objects having 10+ layers of one effect type per object. (for example, 50 shapes having 10+ shadow layers having different blend mode) Try to optimize effect layers to make load less.

    The third possible reason is your document is placed at HDD. So, you are able to catch internal I/O exceptions on saving your document. You could try to move your document to SSD to check this point.

    It'll be best of the best if you'll sent us the file from %localappdata%/icons8/lunacy/logs with the latest creation date. It'll allow us not to check all possible reasons step by step.

  • cholasimmons

    Could you check Lunacy 8.0 beta for the same effect?

    1. Apparently it's 7.0, I recall it being 7.1 on the website the first time I clicked download. I am updating now.
    2. Windows 10 Pro, 21H1, build 19043.1052. (i7 4700MQ, 24GB DDR3 RAM)
    3. I'm using a 256GB SSD for both OS and Lunacy though I also have a 1TB HDD for storage connected. the images being used in Lunacy were from this HDD (they are bundled in the .sketch file now I guess, on the SSD).
    4. Now the system is freezing entirely for about a minute, I can't access anything I can't even move the mouse. Then Lunacy 7.1 auto-closes and i have control again. The last few seconds it's garbling up my screen, turning it into checkers
    5. I have imported quite a number of JPGs but I am hiding them and only working on one at a time (only one image is visible at any given time), as for the vector art on the artboard - very minimal, they are not the problem
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