Features and contributions

Hello everyone I hope you all are doing Well. First I want to thanks Lunacy team about the very good job that they in Lunacy and Pichon. You are amazing You all.

I really want and need to contribute to help lunacy be better with both my ideas and my modest developper knowledges and skills.

I want to suggest a new functionnalities.


1. Very often when we users are working on a prototype we are forced to do ctrl-c, ctrl-v to create copies of a component. Then, we move it (modify it) and we repeat these steps for as many copies as we want. It is a tiring operation. If a feature that allows the user to automatically create copies of a component while indicating the direction and spacing between copies is added to Lunacy, I believe that will be a big plus for us and for Lunacy as well.

2. I would love to see a feature that allows painting a component in Lunacy. This will be really useful when creating components that need to have multiple colors overlapped. This will avoid having to switch to Photoshop to paint the components.

3. I'm looking forward to a feature that allows you to make annimations in Lunacy. It will avoid having to switch to InVision or ... to do so. Artboard interpolation animations (screens).



For the three functions I mentioned above, I wanted to make my contribution by writing these functionalities myself. But, I realized that Lunacy was not OpenSource. So I wonder if there are any possibilities to contribute to the Lunacy code? I would really like to contribute because Lunacy helps me so much every day. And, the fact that it's free is really great. I would love to see him be at the top and get the place he deserves.

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