Search for component in the component dropdown list (the right 'action' panel)

My team and I would like a feature that allows us to search by name in the component dropdown list (within the right 'action' panel).

The function already exists within the tab components (left) but if we want to replace a placed component such as an icon in a card, we have to manually search through the list.

Being able to search for a name here will speed up this process enormously for us. We hope you will consider this. See the appendix for additional explanation.


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  • PaulusPaulus Posts: 75Administrator
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    Thanks for your feedback guys, we have been wanting to redo this for a long time, and we will definitely do it!😃

    As a temporary solution, you can swap components using the left "components" panel

  • samfallsamfall Posts: 3Unconfirmed, Member

    This would be awesome! Thanks for suggesting; I would use this a lot also.

  • Coming from Figma this would be a great time saver and I used it multiple times per day.

    Exp. to swap icon/component now I need to browse new icon through group/subgroup categories and then select the right icon. Searching new icon/component name would be mutch faster. I know that you could do it via the Components tab (search) but then workflow is broken (switching from layer tab to components tab).

    Exp. search is mutch faster then browsing categories

    Exp. Figma solved it nice

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