Tablet & stylus support

I think I love this app - solves a bunch of problems I've encountered that are poorly supported & implemented elsewhere, including Miro & OneNote. (integrations or addons/plugins would be cool though)

I got a Surface (Pro 7) tablet device to serve as my primary machine, for work & study, as I need to work on the go.

So far Lunatics seems to do a very decent job - certainly working with me rather than against me as the other apps have been doing.

A key feature/functionality that I think is missing is around basic UI/UX - that of tablet & stylus modes.

I'd like to simply grab the tablet+app, flip back the type-cover & start using it in a natural & intuitive manner, but it still seems completely geared towards a desktop/laptop + mouse model.

i.e. action/functions of the stylus, "side-click", eraser on the back, mode-configurable icons, etc.

I'm not a UX/UI design expert, so cannot give proper comment/direction on what to do or expect.

Judging from the volume of content on the forum, I'm guessing we're still very new on the road, so could expect to see this reasonably soon

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