v6.9 Hangs when renaming Component Page or changing which Page is Components Page

Just started using v6.9 and encountered this bug with an existing project.

Sorry, no time right now to provide a full breakdown... For now, I just re-installed v6.8 to get this work done.

I'll come back later for a full report, but thought i should mention it.



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  • MrMattSim

    Is it actual for any document or some special one?

    It'll be nice if you find it possible to add a bit more data about this issue. It'll help us to fix it faster.

  • MrMattSim

    You could install the Microsoft store version and website version at the same time. 

    The store version will be the last released, and the website version will have the version you selected.

  • Is there a way for me to run multiple versions in parallel? Then I can continue to get work done in 6.8, while also testing 6.9.

  • MrMattSim

    Yes, you are able to have 2 working versions of Lunacy on your PC.

    But you should remember that only one instance of Lunacy can be started at the moment. So, you should close one Lunacy app before starting another.

    It's the only limitation.

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