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Lottie Animations

Allow the center rotation point for shapes to be moved, so they can be used in animation. Grouped shapes should rotate independently so they can become animated characters. Ideally, add an armature to allow skeletal animation. All this and export to video, too!



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  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member


    What kind of animation are you talking about?

  • kindly explain more what you mean.

    I'm curious if it's similar to my request of allowing an item to transition between screens, like a small avatar from a list view - expanding into a bigger avatar on the next page.

  • cholasimmonscholasimmons Posts: 15Member
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    I believe he means a tweening kind of interpolation between screens.

    Picture a list view and each element in the list has an avatar - like a phonebook app. when you select a list, the list view page transitions off the screen and a details page slides in, BUT, the avatar icon instead stays on screen and transforms to it's new location without leaving the screen at all.

    Example here: https://youtu.be/HQUPWmIkFdM

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    This feature looks nice. It could become a good improvement for collaboration and prototyping. 

    It's a rather huge improvement, so let's take a look at community reactions.

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    Ok. Let's merge them

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    If there could be the option of automatic animation as in abobe xd

  • Are there animations similar to what are available in Abode XD to build beautiful interactions.

  • Hello everyone I hope you all are doing Well. First I want to thanks Lunacy team about the very good job that they do in both Lunacy and Pichon. You are amazing You all.

    I really want and need to contribute to help lunacy be better with both my ideas and my modest developper knowledges and skills.

    I want to suggest a new functionnality.


    I'm looking forward to a feature that allows us to make annimations in Lunacy. It will avoid having to switch to InVision or ... to do it. Artboard interpolation animations (screens).

    Sorry my first language is French.

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    Topics about prototyping animations were merged to make them more complete and searchable. 

  • cordasfilipcordasfilip Posts: 1Unconfirmed, Member

    Just an idea on how this could work.

    If you ever used Mockup app for prototyping they have a really good way to connect objects to animate them.

    If two objects have same name on two Artboards a transition will be applied to the object.

    You guys are using sketch format so I am not sure how much you want to customize it but essentially it's just a state machine with interpolations for each property(x,y,color...)

    If you had a way to create state machines out of components the app would become much simpler to use for UI prototyping.

    I might be even interested in helping you implement this if you have some way for people to contribute?

  • amol4556amol4556 Posts: 3Unconfirmed, Member

    I request to Lunacy Team to please add trigger option and motion option so you can create animations in Lunacy

    Please add it and also add GIF Playback feature

  • AlexAlex Posts: 332Member

    Merged as looking the same or very close.

  • skinnymskinnym Posts: 2Member

    lets go baby!@

  • amol4556amol4556 Posts: 3Unconfirmed, Member

    Please add it in new update


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